A little insight on MismanagementHave you ever found yourself in a dilemma that resulted from an action or group of actions that invariably escalated to a negative (or series of negative) events that could be traced to being your fault? Yes, it's true that we as individuals are sometimes held responsible for some situational tragedy. … Continue reading MISMANAGEMENT


“There's LoveFor everyone,”Said the hater—The bitter rootOf a wronged love;“But,I won'tCare less,If the sun,Goes coldon you wretchedsoul.Oh my,I didn't mean that” Said heWith less care.Oh wicked love,Why betray anInfant heartTo archery,And cupidThe darter?Why giveSo much voidTo the soul,Who thinks he knows,But knows naught?“Ah! But forget,Love's for e'eryone”Said she withA broken smile.Shattered glass of a soul,Unbeliever … Continue reading THERE’S LOVE FOR EVERYONE


I imagined a war in heaven,one which transcended beyond all imaginations. A war even angels cried and ran for cover. It wasn't one of God versus the failed Satan—no. It wasn't one of angels going against each other. At least not yet. It was an Armageddon—not of good against bad, cos in this episode, all … Continue reading ARMAGEDDON


Dear Mr Perfect, When I saw you walk into the building, I was reminded by my cheeks that you were the only colorful pixel my eyes spotted amongst the vast crowd of black and whites. Your presence turned me into a chameleon, cos I became pink at the radiance of your crescent lips which revealed … Continue reading MR PERFECT

FOUR (4) Accounting Tools For Growing a Business.

One essential or important business etiquette business owners or entrepreneurs should facilitate judiciously is the art of bookkeeping. Your business runs in the proportion your monthly bank statement speaks. Running your business with a balanced ledger would smoothen the economy of apportioning values to different sectors with rest knowing it will yield proper profits. Mark … Continue reading FOUR (4) Accounting Tools For Growing a Business.